The Aerotek engine section has significant expertise in aircraft engine repair and overhaul in radials, inline, flat and turbine engines.

Our history at Aerotek has been dominated landing gear and hydraulics. Now in 2013 we have the breakthrough expansion in to engines; the same quality, expertise and fast turnaround you have come to expect. Our facility has a designated engine section with individual servicing zero-timing work bays and separate test rigs for testing and run-in of all engine types that Aerotek has the equipment, personnel and expertise to undertake:

  • Repairs to engines against specific known defects;
  • Engine fault diagnosis;
  • Cylinder compression retrieval / restoration;
  • Cylinder top overhaul;
  • Engine core repair / overhaul;
  • Engine shockload inspections;
  • Engine overspeed inspections;
  • Full engine overhaul;
  • Engine QEC repairs and overhaul;
  • Individual engine component overhaul;
  • Full engine testing;

As part of the service we provide, Aerotek ensures all work is carried out with full SB and AD compliance.

We offer services for many engine types, including Lycoming, Continental, Rolls Royce / Allison and classic engine types such as the De Havilland Gypsy series and Alvis Leonides.

Lycoming Engines:

Aerotek offers the cheapest and fastest turnaround in Lycoming engine repairs and overhauls. From basic Lycoming engine shockload to a full Lycoming engine overhaul we are able to ensure rapid turnaround, outstanding quality of work and the most competitive pricing in the UK. With a range of rotable Lycoming engine cores from Lycoming O-235 to O-360 and well stocked in house stores section of Lycoming parts Aerotek is able to offer market leading Lycoming engine overhauls turnaround times.

TCM Continental Engines:

Aerotek offers market leading TCM Continental engine repairs and overhauls. Be it a TCM Continental engine shockload to a full TCM Continental engine overhaul we are able to offer the most competitive pricing in the UK and with a well stocked in house stores section of TCM Continental parts Aerotek is able to offer market leading TCM Continental engine overhauls turnaround times.

De Havilland Gipsy Engines:

An old time favourite of our engineers is the de Havilland Gipsy engine- the Aerotek Engine section enjoy working nearly every day on Gipsy Major 10-1 and Gipsy Major 10-2 engines. From basic Gipsy repair work to full Gipsy rebuild/overhaul Aerotek has the engineering skills acquired through decades of experience and an excellent parts supply to ensure market leading turnaround times.

Aerotek provides a high quality, fast turnaround service for propeller overhaul and repairs from our dedicated team of propeller technicians.

Within the propeller section we have the capability to provide:

  • Prop Blade straightening
  • Prop Re-pitching
  • Prop Repairs
  • Prop Overhaul
  • De-ice boot repairs / replacement
  • SB / AD Compliance
  • Static Balancing
  • Field service engineers for on-site repairs.

We hold approvals to undertake propeller overhaul, propeller repair and AD compliance for a wide range of propellers including, but not limited to MT, McCauley, Hartzell, Sensenich, de Havilland, Dowty Rotol, Ratier, Curtis and Hamilton Standard.

The quality of our prop overhaul and prop repair service has provided Aerotek with an excellent reputation for propeller work not only with UK clients but with a rapidly developing international client base.

Fixed Pitch Propeller Overhaul
Offering a highly competitive level of service, Aerotek also offer a fixed pitch propeller overhaul service for only £325. Due to lowering costs and improving processes, the overhaul service has a quick turnaround time of 1 week and is the best value service in the UK. Simply call or complete the enquiry form below for more information.

Experience, expertise and efficient on working on these propellers:

  • MT Propellers
  • Hartzell Propellers
  • McCauley Propellers
  • Sensenich Propellers

Twenty years of success in landing gear, hydraulics, NDT and machining; now the same quality, integrity and fast turnaround times are with you for propellers.